Salon Policies


Coupons/discounts can only be used one at a time.

Cannot be combined in any way.

Can only be used on services priced at $20 or more.

Cannot be used on retail or jewelry.


In the event that a customer cancels or no shows an appointment 3 times in a row, on the 4th attempted appointment, credit card information must be taken. Card information will be kept securely.

If the customer cancels the 4th appointment in 1 or 2 days before the appointment, a 50% charge will be applied to the credit card.

If the customer cancels the 4th appointment on the day of the service, or if they no show the 4th appointment, 100% charge of the service will be applied to the card.

If the customer does show up to the 4th appointment, they can choose any form of payment they prefer.


We strive for excellent service above all else, and always want our customers to leave satisfied and looking and feeling great! However, in the rare event of an unsatistfactory experience, in order for a refund or redo of any service to be considered, the unsatisfied customer must make the complaint AND request the refund/redo within 2 weeks of the original service.

They must speak with owner or manager about the situation in order to get approval.

Once approved by owner or manager, the customer will have the option of a refund or redo of the service they were unhappy with.